Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back Home

Well I'm back home now. I have had a lot happen in the last couple of weeks. Alot of ups & downs. Its crazy how things change so quickly. 

While I was away in London I worked with some great musicians & writers & made new friends along the way. I ended up with some cool songs that I'm really happy with. 

Here are some pics..........

This Day I wrote & recorded at RAK studios with David Saw & Tim- They were so nice to work with & we ended up with a great song. 
The Tube, on my way to the studio.....
Pretending I could play
At the studio
David Saw
This day I travelled to Northampton. From the train I saw fields of yellow flowers everywhere & little cottages on my way to write with Adam Argyle. Working with Adam was great, I love the song we wrote.
Adam & I

I didn't take a lot of photos with the rest of the writers but I took some video so I'll put a clip up soon for you to check out.

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