Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Photo Shoot

Got some new photos.

Some of the new photos will be used on new promo stuff I guess, like website, myspace etc.



The shoot was upstairs in an old community hall in Currumbin, (Gecko Hall). 
Visit for more info on their local enviromental work.

The windows were covered with black sheets & the photos were shot with a spot light.

Neva Elliot was the photographer. Neva does alot of fashion photography. 
The photos came out great.

It was fun, we set the ipod up in the corner & played Amy Winehouse while we were shooting. 
Troy even stepped into some of the shots. He loves the spotlight.

Till next time x.



Sunday, August 17, 2008

Songs of Applewoods Experience

This week I was lucky enough to be involved with Songs of Applewood 2008--songwriting project.


The weekend featured 21 or so Brisbane/Queensland artists over a three day period on a beautiful property west of Brisbane. We were to be paired with another artist, then write & record a song in the one day.

I got up early in the morning & started driving the estimated 2 hour drive. I had to stop twice & get directions but finally found the place. I drove up a dirt drive way to an amazing old green church which has been converted to a house & a barn that looked like it was something out of The Little House On The Prairie.


I got to know the other artists over a nice breakfast in front of the fire. After a welcome & a brief from Tylea & Magoo (The owners of the property & hosts of the weekend) we got straight to work.

I was paired up with the talented Steve Grady, a 22 year old Brisbane artist who is recording his debut album.

We headed over to an old bench in the sunlight with our guitars & started brain storming. Steve had a chorus & a song idea that he couldn't finish so we rolled with that. The concept was about being comfortably uncomfortable - waking up next to someone & there being an awkward silence but still being comfortable in the moment. We called the song 'Morning Birds'.

We went into the little barn & started recording. We worked with producer/sound engineer Magoo.
Steve & i recorded it live & added drums, lead guitar & bass later.
It took a few hours to record, but the result was great.


Later after dinner all the artists got together & listened to the recordings from the day. They were all very different & great.
Cant wait to hear the whole cd.

It was an amazing experience & I feel privileged to have been apart of it.

Tylea said the songs might be avaliable from the Applewoods website soon. Keep an eye on for more info

A huge thanks to Tylea, Magoo & Jeff for having me & hosting such a inspirational project.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Splendour In The Grass 2008


So this was an experience. Never been to this festival before, so I didn't know what to expect. 

We drove to Byron early in the morning & had a yummy breakfast by the beach. We met with a few friends & headed into town. I think everyone else had the same idea so the streets were filled with Splendour crowds all ready to go to the farm grounds with their bright coloured gum boots. We visited an amazing little art gallery called 'Retrospective Gallery' & saw some great pieces by Kill Pixie, Ben Frost, Trent Whitehead & heaps of others before we headed off for the day. 

Parking was pretty easy. We had a bit of a hike through the bushes & muddy farm grounds dodging piles of horse poo through the long grass & until finally reaching the main gates half an hour later. Its all part of the experience.....



Saw so much amazing music on day 1. Operator Please were awesome, The Music & Gyroscope were great too. 

Day 2, after a solo lunch time gig at Coolangatta's Bellakai Cafe, we headed back to Byron with our warm clothing on ready for the cold night ahead. Icelandic band Sigur Ros were one of my Splendour highlights as well as Clare Bowditch.


I live in Tweed Heads, so close to Byron's Splendour In The Grass, I cant believe I haven't been before. Can't wait till next year......